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Specialist Medications


Clozapine is used to treat schizophrenia but is usually reserved for treatment resistant patients due to several rare but serious possible side effects such as increased risk of infection and severe constipation. It is also quite common to experiecne mild constipation while taking clozapine.

Due to the increased risk of clozapine to the patient a trained pharmacist is required to regularly check your blood test results and ask about other possible side effects you may be experiencing.

Our pharmacists are trained to supply clozapine under direction of a mental health specialist and can answer any questions you may have.

Specialist Oncology Medication (Thalidomide & Lenolidamide):

Thalidomide and Lenolidamide are specialist medications which can be used as part of a treatment regime for cancer. These medications can only be supplied by pharmacies registered with Celgene and cannot be supplied for greater than one month per prescription.

These medications pose significant risk to the foetuses of women of child-bearing age who are taking this medication and whom are partners of men taking these medicines. As such women of child bearing age are required to have monthly pregnancy tests confirmed to be negative before each supply of these medicines.

Please talk to one of our pharmacists for more information. 


Maviret is a recently funded, 12-16 week treatment for Hepatitis C and is highly effective having clinical studies show no hepatitis c virus present 12 weeks post treatment for greater than 90% of patients treated. 

However this medication is very expensive and has interactions with many common medications including some available for general sale. Due to this pharmacies have to be trained to supply this medication and require a consultation with patients before they start this medication to assess any risks and try maximize benefit for the patient.

Please contact us below or come see us in store with any questions.


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